Monday, April 24, 2006

Baptists In Support of Public Schools

A group of Baptist leaders called on its members Friday to "speak positively
about public education" in response to a conservative movement to pull Baptist children out of public schools.Fifty-six pastors and organizational leaders - some from the conservative Southern Baptist Convention and others from the more moderate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - signed a letter supporting public schools.
The document was posted Friday on the Web site of the Baptist Center for Ethics, a Nashville group that often criticizes the conservative direction of the Southern Baptist Convention.

So let me get this straight: They support a school system that contains the following:

1. Perverse little paraistes known as the public school teenager
2. Vulgarity
3. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and other evils
4. Wiccan groups, witches, and Satanists
5. Drugs, drugs, and more drugs
6. Rape, murder, suicide
7. STD's, teen pregnancies, and abortion
8. Government propaganda.
9. A mostly liberal point of view which naturally means its BS
10. A system of utter corruption and uselessness
11. Almost violent hatred towards Christians

Really, the entire public school system is just a joke. Public schools are producing wonderful little drug addicted, STD-ridden, liberal idealogy-loving fools, ready to either kill themselves or follow the government. What do the Pastors think that they are gaining from supporting a system that despises them and their teachings?




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