Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You Have A Right To Feel Good About Murder, Remember?

From LifeSite:

Many abortion organizations, including Planned Parenthood now include a “chaplain” on the payroll whose job it is to help clients overcome their “guilt feelings” for having killed what few now deny is a human child.

Advances in sonogram technology were hailed by the pro-life movement as a great help in the argument for the humanity of the unborn, but this has not necessarily translated into moral comprehension.

Kirsten Moore, spokesman for the Reproductive Health Technologies Project says a focus group showed that women who see the pictures of their unborn child on a sonogram are as ready to kill as they ever were. “Women who are thinking about ending a pregnancy are not asking, ‘Is this a life?’ They know that it is. They are asking, ‘Can I take care of this baby?” Moore told Newsweek.

Despite the best efforts of pro-lifers the result, at least among committed abortion activists, is a further distancing from the fundamental notion that it is wrong to kill. The shift may be one that pro-lifers are not prepared for.

“We’ve really moved onto the next rung of the ladder haven’t we?” Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition commented to “What do you do when they admit that they are killing babies and claim the right to feel good about it?”

“Abortion was bound to lead to this and the idea has finally sunk in,” Hughes said. “We have made the case for the humanity of the unborn only to convince the abortionists to claim the right to kill human beings without guilt. It’s a moral shrug. How do you argue with a shrug?

They want to feel good about doing something wrong? Ah, so they are acknowledging their actions, they acknowledge their feelings and their conscience in regards to abortion, yet they still want to go forward with it. It's now all making sense.

I'm just waiting for the day when they acknowledge that it's murder and that it's wrong, but they still want to go forward with it because it's unjustly called 'wrong' and they believe it's a right.




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