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Monday, April 24, 2006

Top Ten Box Office Hits

1. "Silent Hill," $20.2 million.

2. "Scary Movie 4," $17 million.

3. "The Sentinel," $14.65 million.

4. "Ice Age: The Meltdown," $12.8 million.

5. "The Wild," $8.05 million.

6. "The Benchwarmers," $7.3 million.

7. "Take the Lead," $4.25 million.

8 (tie). "American Dreamz," $3.7 million.

8 (tie). "Inside Man," $3.7 million.

10. "Friends With Money," $3.55 million.

Inside Man and Silent Hill looked interesting, but my friend said that Silent Hill will be awesome. I've never played the game and I doubt that I'll see the movie (maybe), but this is a "blessing" for Hollywood which has been running dry since 2005 when movie attendance fell by 8%.

Mostly because many of the movies were crap, but you know how these things work.



Of Rape and Them

Here’s what middle-school kids think about rape, according to a survey of
11-14 year-olds:
51% of boys and 41% of girls believe that a man has a right to force a woman to kiss him if he has “spent a lot of money on her.”
32% of boys and 32% of girls say it’s not improper for a man to rape a woman who has had past sexual experiences.
87% of boys and 79% of girls say rape is okay if a man and woman are married.
47% of all those surveyed say it’s okay for a man to rape a woman he has been dating for more than 6 months.
Doesn’t sound too good, does it? By middle school, American children have already drunk deeply from the patriarchy: they know that men have the right to sexually
possess women, that women can be bought, and that women who aren’t virgins are
fair game for rape.
So perhaps it’s not so surprising what happens when they get to college:
1 in 4 college women report being victims of rape or attempted rape.
1 in 12 college men admit to committing acts that meet the legal definition of rape.
35% of college men indicate some likelihood that they would commit rape if they could be assured of not getting caught.
And it doesn’t stop when they get married…
10% of women are the victims of rape or attempted rape by a husband or intimate partner in their lifetime.
33-46% of husbands who beat their wives also rape them.
… or have children:
About 20% of all rapes are committed against children under the age of 18 by their own family members.
20-40% of women and 10-20% of men report having been sexually victimized as children (this includes sexual abuse other than rape).
And then you go to the top and start all over again.

First off, let's get the formalities out of the way.

Rape is wrong. Period.

Now that we have that over with, why the heck are they asking middle school kids about this? Sixth graders are way too young to be given surveys about rape when their miniscule brains aren't even into issues like this.

And I don't know where that question on kissing comes from, but it's not rape if someone is forced to kiss somebody. Why is that even in that survey.

I'm not going to even bother going over the remaining bits of this since statistics on rape vary so greatly that they're never accurate. Although, the higher they are, the more feminists will use them since women never lie about rape and these types of things are always true.

I was going to inject my personal views on kissing and dating into this, but I've decided not to. Maybe next time.



A small sample, if you will

This is a pretty small sample size so clearly these are not generalizable findings. But I have to question the cultural beliefs that surround these types of findings. I have to question a study that finds women and men are made differently as opposed to how environmental, cultural and social factors have affected these brain patterns(thoughts and actions). Can something learned change brain chemistry?Many feminists and cultural theorists have found that it is cultural and environmental factors that support women in internal thinking, acting, responding and support men in external thinking, acting and responding, etc. So then how valid is this study? How can a study like this be valid without a consideration of surrounding factors?I fear that studies like this just add to archaic ideas of inherent differences between men and women that are biological, as opposed to recognizing the way patriarchy functions to create these differences.

I'm afraid that our dear friends at Feministing just don't seem to get it quite yet. Men and women are different in numerous aspects. For example, men will think things through using their head. Women will generally not do so and instead think with their emotions. Logic is more common among men, rather than women. But women have the amazing ability of connecting through emotions. Men are leaders by nature, whereas women are caring by nature. You can't have one without the other. To say that men and women are wired differently is a true statement, not an archaic one. Unfortunately, feminists don't seem to understand this yet and would prefer naively believing that society makes us out to who we are.

So, really, we don't have a choice, if that's the case.

So much for Choice.



The Death Penalty Dilemna

Emphasis mine. The death penalty is a thoroughly backward institution. Nothing
is gained by killing criminals — except, of course, feeding human vengeance and bloodlust. It’s more expensive to keep people on death row and execute them than
it is to put them in prison forever. It act as an effective crime deterrent. It’s not fairly or justly applied. Etc etc. And now there’s further evidence that even our“humane” version of state-sanctioned murder — lethal injection — isn’t quite so kind. In fact, it’s so problematic that veterinarians won’t even use it on dogs. The prisoner is paralyzed, and so it looks painless — but only because he’s unable to move. There are absolutes in human rights. One of those, I believe, is that humans have the right to not be killed by the state. The state certainly has the right to punish, but I believe that it loses legitimacy in other areas when it exercises such final punishment. And I think it’s shameful that we continue to impose it.

While I highly doubt that it is more expensive to keep people on death row than in jail (you know, for a lifelong stay), it will only be true because most people on death row die before their executions. If executions happen very quickly after the trial, maybe a year or less, then the cost won't be so high.

The problem with murderers is, aside from the fact that they murder and feel justified doing it, is that they never think they will get the death penalty. If time was severely reduced between trial and execution, murder rates would plummet as nearly everybody who is a convicted murderer would be executed in short order.

True, the state should not have the power to execute its own citizens. That is the only reason why I am against the death penalty, unless the state is completely out of the wielding process. If civilians are in charge of the issuing the death penalty, then the practice should continue.



Dubya-ism Favorites

"I am the decider."

Short, simple, and too the point. Nothing says "dictatorship on the move" like that. *Applauds*



Baptists In Support of Public Schools

A group of Baptist leaders called on its members Friday to "speak positively
about public education" in response to a conservative movement to pull Baptist children out of public schools.Fifty-six pastors and organizational leaders - some from the conservative Southern Baptist Convention and others from the more moderate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - signed a letter supporting public schools.
The document was posted Friday on the Web site of the Baptist Center for Ethics, a Nashville group that often criticizes the conservative direction of the Southern Baptist Convention.

So let me get this straight: They support a school system that contains the following:

1. Perverse little paraistes known as the public school teenager
2. Vulgarity
3. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and other evils
4. Wiccan groups, witches, and Satanists
5. Drugs, drugs, and more drugs
6. Rape, murder, suicide
7. STD's, teen pregnancies, and abortion
8. Government propaganda.
9. A mostly liberal point of view which naturally means its BS
10. A system of utter corruption and uselessness
11. Almost violent hatred towards Christians

Really, the entire public school system is just a joke. Public schools are producing wonderful little drug addicted, STD-ridden, liberal idealogy-loving fools, ready to either kill themselves or follow the government. What do the Pastors think that they are gaining from supporting a system that despises them and their teachings?



The Syndicate's Delay

The Syndicate, as many of ya'll know, has been out of commission for the past month. Due to a series of unexpected events in the Middle East, the entirety of the Syndicate was on a mission for the time being. We have returned, but in the near future, it is likely that more delays will occur (though, hopefully, not as long).


The Syndicate

Women don't belong in the dugout?

New York Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez's comment that women "don't belong in the dugout" drew criticism Sunday from San Diego Padres manager Bruce Bochy, who supported the female member of his training staff and said he was surprised her gender even came up. Hernandez made the remark during the second inning of New York's 8-1 victory in San Diego on Saturday night. Mike Piazza homered for the Padres and exchanged a high-five in the dugout with 33-year-old Kelly Calabrese, the Padres' massage therapist. "Who is the girl in the dugout, with the long hair?" Hernandez said. "What's going on here? You have got to be kidding me. Only player personnel in the dugout." Hernandez found out later in the broadcast that Calabrese was with the Padres training staff. "I won't say that women belong in the kitchen,but they don't belong in the dugout," Hernandez said. Hernandez, a former Mets first baseman and "Seinfeld" guest star, then laughed and said: "You know I am only teasing. I love you gals out there -- always have."

Personally, I found this whole thing hillarious. I wonder what the feminists are saying about this?

"Ah yes, the patriarchy of males extends its mighty hand further into the realm of sports. Thiss guy is a looser!! He needs to ****** learn how to play! Why, I bet that girl could play better than himm!" Or something like that.



cen yuo spele?

george w bush should definitely be impeachedhe is a liarand his lies have bought
misery to millions of people and bought no good to anyone except for the corporate oil billionaires who are making huge profits they are profiting during wartime that is unscrupulous and terribly sad w bush has made the world a much less safe placebefore the war iraq was not a place for terroristssaddam hussein, brutal dictator that he was was secular and had nothing to do with al queda and was sanctioned to death and had no power outside of his country now it is a breeding ground for terrorism and anti-americanism is at an all time high all over the world and the people of iraq are no better off at all all those people want is for the americans to leave decent families and people like you and i who never wanted america there in the first place goerge w bush has sent american soldiers over there to be maimed and killed
Remember the man who played "Needles" in Back to the Future? His name is Flea and he played bass in Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

He is the author of this gem of cluelessness. Maybe he should learn to type correctly before authoring a political report, eh?



A Nation of Sissies

However, three professors – two of them openly homosexual – filed a complaint of
discrimination and harassment, contending Kupelian's book was "hate literature" which "threatened" them and made them feel "unsafe" on campus. After a 21-0
faculty vote (with 9 abstentions) on March 13, the school's Office of Human Resources put Savage under "investigation." The full-faculty vote was rescinded two days later for legal reasons, and the three offended professors filed the harassment complaint. The three professors behind the complaint against Savage are Hannibal Hamlin, Norman Jones and J.F. Buckley. Jones teaches courses in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender literature, and Buckley has written "The Social Critic: The Rise of Queer Performance Within the Demise of Transcendentalism" as well as "articles on sexual orientation in Hemingway and Melville." In a March 9 e-mail to the faculty regarding Savage's suggestion of "The Marketing of Evil" as required freshman reading, Buckley wrote: "… I am not shocked, only deeply saddened – and THREATENED – that such mindless folks are on this great campus. … You have made me fearful and uneasy being a gay man on this campus. I am, in fact, notifying the OSU-M campus, and Ohio State University in general, that I no longer feel safe doing my job. I am being harassed."

Oh dear, he is "offended and threatened" that a Christian librarian suggested several books to a group of freshmen students, one of which was Market of Evil (order it at Amazon), which is a book supposedly on homosexuality and the negative effects it has on society.

So, we have this scumbag, recommending liberal books left and right, complain about being offended when the man didn't even utter anything remotely profane to him. Something is messed up when men are complaining about feeling afraid, to say nothing of homosexuality.



Monday, March 13, 2006

Sadaam Will Be Hanged

From DailyTimes:

The trial of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and seven former aides resumed before the Iraqi High Tribunal on Sunday. Speaking on Iraqia state-television just before the trial resumed, the court’s chief prosecutor, Jaafar Mussawi, said Saddam would hang immediately without undergoing further trials if found guilty and sentenced to death in the present case. Saddam is on trial for crimes against humanity in connection with the killing of 148 villagers from Dujail,
north of Baghdad, after he escaped an assassination attempt there in 1982. “If the court passes a death sentence on any of the defendants in the Dujail case, the law is clear, the sentence must be carried out within 30 days following the appeal,” Mussawi said. As for other cases (in which they have been charged), the court will only judge live defendants as those executed cannot be tried, he added. Saddam and others have also been charged in connection with other crimes, including the use of poison gas during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq against Iraqi Kurds in Halabja, in the north of the country, and the crushing of a Shia revolt in the south of the country following the 1991 Gulf war. Saddam’s trial, which opened in October, moved Sunday into its 15th hearing with defendants expected to start testifying as to their role in the killing of 148 villagers from the
village of Dujail. At a later stage, the court was due to adjourn for the panel of five judges to consider specific charges against each of the defendants.

This should have been done about a week after they found Sadaam. I first thought he would be given lethal injection, then I realized that it would be the Iraqis dealing the justice, so there would be no "cruel and unusual punishment" speech.



The Drumbeat Continues: Connection Between Iran and Al-Qaeda

From WorldNetDaily:

President Bush directly linked Iran to the deaths of American troops in Iraq, saying roadside bomb components have been tracked to Tehran. "Tehran has been responsible for at least some of the increasing lethality of anti-coalition attacks by providing Shia militia with the capability to build improvised explosive devices in Iraq," Bush said in a speech. He cited recent congressional testimony from John Negroponte, the U.S. director of national intelligence. Bush said "some of the most powerful IEDs we are seeing in Iraq today include components that came from Iran."
"Coalition forces have seized IEDs and components that were clearly produced in Iran. Such actions, along with Iran's support for terrorism and its pursuit of nuclear weapons, are increasingly isolating Iran," he said. The charge is particularly noteworthy because of U.S. concerns over Iran's nuclear weapons program. U.S. military intelligence sources say the more sophisticated IEDs – or improvised explosive devices – they are seeing in Iraq have been traced to Iran's Revolutionary Guard or Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militia in Lebanon. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld last week accused Iran of sending Revolutionary Guard agents into Iraq to foment violence against U.S. troops and Iraqi government forces.

So there is a connection between Iran and Al-Qaeda. First it was between Iraq and Al-Qaeda, now its between them and Iran. This may be so, but why am I not surprised that evidence would turn-up just after the United States has said that 'military action' could be taken against Iran if it continues with its nuclear program?

The drum beat continues...



Yup, Kiss Them Goodbye Ladies

From Feminist Blogs:

In bold and in justifiable defiance of South Dakota's misogynist abortion-ban law (say goodbye to your right to be an autonomous human being, and your humanity and civil liberties/rights for that matter ladies-- * or you could get active and fight for your reproductive autonomy* ), an open letter from the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America...

I really take a great interest in reading feminist blogs (in general). Not because I really care what they think, but because of what they say. Their entire pathetic existence revolves around abortion. The moment someone hints at it being made illegal, their little world seems to spin off it's access.

"That's right, say goodbye to your humanity!" Their fragile little worlds collapse and immediately they think America will become Hell where women are raped and forced into polygamous marriages, abortion is punishable by death, and women are made to be reproductive tools used by the government.

Paranoia, if you ask me.



Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nothing to Hide From Almighty Google

From WorldNetDaily:

GOOGLE, the internet giant, is planning a massive online facility that could store copies of users' hard drives - a move set to spark alarm among civil liberties campaigners.

Plans for the "GDrive", previously the subject of rumour among computer experts, were revealed accidentally after notes in a slideshow were wrongly published on Google's site.

The device would create a mirror image of data stored on consumers' computer hard drives, letting users search data stored on other computers via Google accounts.

While offering more convenient access to data, the service will stoke debate about the dangers of storing so much personal data on Google systems. Google recently squared up against the United States Justice Department, which has subpoenaed a limited set of data on Google search habits, drawing an outcry from privacy advocates.

"Well, if you've got nothing to hide, then why are you worried?"



Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The People Have Spoken

From WorldNetDaily:

Citizens have proposed an amendment to Michigan's constitution establishing that a person exists at the moment of conception.

The designation would give any unborn child constitutional rights of due process and equal protection.

A backer of the proposal, Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, said the petition drive is "vitally important if we are to insure that Michigan becomes a pro-life state after Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court."

The people have spoken. All that's left is the 'waiting for the black robes to shoot down another Citizen-driven bill.' Funny, isn't it, that a government that supposedly is run by the People, is shot-out from passing their own bill by the Judges in Black Robes.



Sunday, March 05, 2006

Quotations From The Mind of Genius

"Choosing between Republicans and Democrats is like choosing between 'horse shit' and 'dog shit'." (Vox Day)



I Didn't Think Saying This Was Possible

From WorldNetDaily:

"It's outrageous that the Muslims are protesting intolerance and blaming Israel for disrespecting Christian sites," said an aide to Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, who asked that his name be withheld out of fear of retaliation by local Muslims. "It is the Muslims who are leading a campaign against us to the point that most of the Christian population from Bethlehem and Nazareth had to run away." Sabbah spoke at a protest yesterday orchestrate mostly by Muslim leaders who blamed Israel for the acts of Haim Eliyahu Habibi, a Jewish Israeli who together with his Christian wife and daughter entered the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth Friday with the firecrackers concealed in a baby stroller. The church was built on the site believed to be the place where an angel told the Virgin Mary she had been chosen to bear the son of God.
Habibi's daughter told reporters her father was motivated by "economic distress." Israeli police officials told WND Habibi has a history of "mental problems" and that they were "familiar" with his files. In 1999, Habibi reportedly visited PLO leader Yasser Arafat and requested "political asylum." Arab Israeli leader Mohammad Barakeh called Habibi's attack "an attempt to
drive a wedge among the Arab population." Ahmad Tibi, an Arab Muslim Knesset member, said, "There are those who want to continue to separate between Muslims, Christians and Druze in order to make their mission of weakening the Arab minority easier. I am proud that the Muslims defended the Church of Annunciation and I am sure Christian Arabs would not hesitate to defend mosques." Arab Israeli Knesser Member Taleb El-Sana, a Muslim, blamed Israel for the church
attack. "The act [by Habibi] is the result of Zionism's insane policy, which destroyed mosques, desecrated churches and shows no tolerance toward other people's holy sites. ... Islam equally sanctifies the places holy for Christians and Muslims."
I know, I'm shocked too.



Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You Have A Right To Feel Good About Murder, Remember?

From LifeSite:

Many abortion organizations, including Planned Parenthood now include a “chaplain” on the payroll whose job it is to help clients overcome their “guilt feelings” for having killed what few now deny is a human child.

Advances in sonogram technology were hailed by the pro-life movement as a great help in the argument for the humanity of the unborn, but this has not necessarily translated into moral comprehension.

Kirsten Moore, spokesman for the Reproductive Health Technologies Project says a focus group showed that women who see the pictures of their unborn child on a sonogram are as ready to kill as they ever were. “Women who are thinking about ending a pregnancy are not asking, ‘Is this a life?’ They know that it is. They are asking, ‘Can I take care of this baby?” Moore told Newsweek.

Despite the best efforts of pro-lifers the result, at least among committed abortion activists, is a further distancing from the fundamental notion that it is wrong to kill. The shift may be one that pro-lifers are not prepared for.

“We’ve really moved onto the next rung of the ladder haven’t we?” Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition commented to “What do you do when they admit that they are killing babies and claim the right to feel good about it?”

“Abortion was bound to lead to this and the idea has finally sunk in,” Hughes said. “We have made the case for the humanity of the unborn only to convince the abortionists to claim the right to kill human beings without guilt. It’s a moral shrug. How do you argue with a shrug?

They want to feel good about doing something wrong? Ah, so they are acknowledging their actions, they acknowledge their feelings and their conscience in regards to abortion, yet they still want to go forward with it. It's now all making sense.

I'm just waiting for the day when they acknowledge that it's murder and that it's wrong, but they still want to go forward with it because it's unjustly called 'wrong' and they believe it's a right.



RIAA Does It Again: No More CD Ripping


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has reversed its position on CD ripping and now wants the practice outlawed.

In a filing to the US government concerning digital rights management the RIAA and other copyright industry associations said the fact that CD ripping is widespread does not make it legal.

"Nor does the fact that permission to make a copy in particular circumstances is often or even routinely granted necessarily establish that the copying is a fair use when the copyright owner withholds that authorisation," the filing stated.

"In this regard, the statement attributed to counsel for copyright owners in the MGM v. Grokster case is simply a statement about authorisation, not about fair use."

This is a complete reversal of the RIAA's previous policy. In last year's Supreme Court MGM v. Grokster case a representative of the RIAA described ripping a CD and putting it on an iPod as "perfectly lawful".

"It is no secret that the entertainment 'oligopolists' are not happy about space-shifting and format-shifting," said the Electronic Frontier Foundation in a statement. "But surely ripping your own CDs to your own iPod passes muster. "

Wow, as if they couldn't make themselves even more despised or do more harm to the music industry, they now don't want to allow ripping.

They just don't get it, do they? Maybe when CD profits drop even further, they will come to their senses, although, knowing their infamous record, they will probably just blame it on piracy and try to pass more laws and ban more actions.



Prosecutors Reconfirm His Guilt....Again


Prosecutors at Saddam Hussein's trial presented a document Tuesday they said was signed by the former leader approving the executions of more than 140 Shiites in southern Iraq after an assassination attempt in the 1980s.

After about two hours of hearing documents, the court adjourned until Wednesday.

The document was among several presented by chief prosecutor Jaafar al-Moussawi concerning the killings of Shiites from the town of Dujail in 1982.

A memo from the Revolutionary Court, dated June 14, 1984, announced that 148 suspects had been sentenced to death by hanging and listed their names. The prosecutor said the signature on the memo was that of the court's head, Awad al-Bandar, one of Saddam's co-defendants.

A document dated two days later was a presidential order approving all 148 death sentences. The paper was signed by Saddam, al-Moussawi said, displaying the document with the signature on a screen in the court room.

The sentences were passed after an "imaginary trial," al-Moussawi told the court.

"None of the defendants were brought to court. Their statements were never recorded," he said.

The documents were presented after Saddam's lawyers ended their monthlong boycott of the tribunal.

He should have been shot the moment they found him. This trial is a circus and has gone nowhere, except re-re-reconfirm what everyone already knows: Sadaam is guilty. But let's waste some more money on trying to prove this again since, I guess, everybody deserves a trial, even dictators such as the likes of him.



Yay for Anti-Americanism!

From WorldNetDaily:

A federal judge has ruled against a public school teacher who filed a lawsuit after administrators removed Christian-themed postings from his classroom, including a depiction of George Washington praying at Valley Forge and news clippings about the faith of President Bush and former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

William Lee – a Spanish teacher at Tabb High School in York County, Va. – was represented by the Christian public-interest group Rutherford Institute in U.S. District court, arguing his free-speech rights were violated.

The postings, removed at the beginning of the 2004-05 school year after a parent complained, included news articles about Bush's Christian faith and Ashcroft's prayer meetings with staffers.



So Much For Peace; West Bank 'Intifada' Is Feared

From WorldNetDaily:

With a large increase in the number of shootings, stabbings, stone and Molotov cocktail attacks against Israelis the past few weeks, Israeli security officials today said they fear the violent trend might indicate a plan by Palestinian terror groups to launch a new intifada, or "uprising," against the Jewish state, focused mostly against Jews in the West Bank.

The warning follows a widely circulated article in which leaders of all the major Palestinian terrorist organizations told WorldNetDaily recent events here are leading their groups to initiate what they called a third intifada against Israel, consisting of suicide bombings, rocket attacks against Jewish communities and "a few new surprises in our arsenal."

So much for peace from the Gaza scenario. The West Bank is the next powder-keg of violence on the list of volatile areas to avoid. And to add to the surprise (sarcasm), Palestinians are now beginning an 'intifada' against the Jewish state, Israel.

The third intifada.

It's interesting, isn't it? There's scores of millions of Arabs over there, many of their countries are loaded with nuclear weapons, most of them have weapons, and a lot of them are violent. So the question that reigns throughout history is: why can't that annihilate that country? How hard can it be? They don't even need weapons, they could just walk over to the country and take it by sheer numbers.

Revelation gives clearer details on the future attacks on Israel, if anyone's curious. It probably won't be the Arabs leading it, though, since for hundreds of years they are inept in the military operations area, as with the leadership.